the Block maker for half-rectangle triangles

Using Bloc-Loc for Half-Rectangle Triangle Rulers, you can now make blocks such as Dutch Mill, Crazy Ann, Tennessee Waltz, 54-40 or Fight, Star Explosion and many others with the same precision, speed and fun that only Bloc-Loc Rulers can deliver.

The Block Maker has over 50 rotary cut blocks with simplified piecing diagrams and each block can be made in four sizes each. Every block has clear, concise diagrams, pressing directions, cutting and trimming sizes for all units and two helpful quilt designs to show what the blocks can look like in quilt settings.

“Good Idea” bonus sections are scattered throughout the book along with alternate blocks and even some blocks that have been reversed! A must-have for every quilter’s toolbox.

Yardage Chart BM I



The block maker ii

The Block Maker II for Half-Rectangle Triangles adds even more insightful and useful techniques to increase your quilting skills.  Janna Thomas includes 100 Quilting Designs to inspire you and her book will become your constant quilting companion.

BM II Table of Contents

Yardage Chart BM II

Watch how to use Border Bling Video

Watch how to use Border Bling Video

Border Bling i

The latest book from the creative mind of Janna Thomas.  This book of unique and fun borders features several layout and size options for each border design. Add some BLING to your quilts with Border Bling!

Introduction to Border Bling Video  

Flying Away Block Pattern



Bloomin' Cogwheels Four Blade 22 1/2